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I’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award

My blog, Stampin’ by Genny, was awarded the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD by Erin Gonzales, my SU upline and fellow design team member at Hand Stamped Sentiments.  She’s a good friend, always so helpful and super talented.

 There are just a few requirements for the Versatile Blogger Award:
1. Award 15 other blogs with this FUN mention -AND-

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

Fifteen blogs… hmmm.  I thought it would be difficult to come up with fifteen but I go to so many it wasn’t difficult at all.  Here are the 15 I came up with.  Please visit these wonderfully creative blogs and say hi.

1. Crafty Maria’s Stamping World

And now 7 things about me…

1.  I love to cook!  Not bake but cook! I don’t know if I’m lucky but desserts and sweets don’t tempt me.  Not only do I love to cook for my husband and friends but I love to eat.

2.  I have three fur children.  Chula (my beautiful Chihuahua), Chummy (a very communicative Bengal cat) and Rocco ( a sweet and loving Bengal cat).

left to right - Rocco, Chummy, Chula

3.  I live in the country so every day I see lots of deer and wildlife.  The photos below were taken in my yard.

4.  I’ve been married for 17 years to my best friend.  My husband is the best.

5.  I am so lucky to have wonderful friends.  Many I’ve met through paper crafting and work.  I wish we could spend more time together but life happens.

6.  I’ve always been creative and I truly think that my creativity and love of crafting comes from my grandmother.  She was a professional seamstress and during the depression she was able to earn a living because of it.  Not only did she know how to sew but she crocheted, embroidered and smocking.  She also was very crafty and made our piñatas for our birthday parties for me and my siblings.  Below is a picture of me and my brother in outfits she sewed for us.

7.  I love gardens.  When my husband and I go on vacation we always visit botanical gardens.  At home I have a beautiful garden that my husband planted for me.

I hope you liked getting to know me better and be sure to visit all the wonderful blogs mentioned above.

Stylish Blogger Award

I am so excited to announce I received the Stylish blogger Award from Robbie Rubala of Inkedx2.

robbie header

I have see this award around some of the blogs I visit and I am happy to announce that it was passed  to me.  Since starting my blog the fall of 2009 I have had the pleasure of visiting and meeting other talented bloggers.  I am happy to have started my blog because now I can say I’m a member of the blogosphere and loving it!  It’s a wonderful way for me to share my projects and meet new people.

When you are awarded the Stylish Blogger Award, you are required to share 7 things about yourself to your readers.


My close friends know I love to cook and entertain.  I love getting friends together for a casual evening of wine and dinner.  It’s a wonderful way to relax and enjoy good friends, food and wine. 



Our fur family started with me acquiring Chula, a beautiful fawn colored Chihuahua.  She was given to us by a family that was too busy with real children.  I’ve never been sorry to have her.  She has such a sweet personality and is very loving.  And like her mother she loves to eat.  Here she is in her robe drying after a bath.  This and her winter coat are her only clothes.  My husband won’t allow for other clothing.  I’m working on getting her a rain coat.


Our other two fur children were acquired because my husband felt there was too much estrogen in our home.  So Rocco and Franco were added to our family.  They are two Bengal cats.  He wanted these cats because they are very athletic, loyal and known to follow their owners around like dogs.  They spend part of the day outside and are brought in around 3 pm.  When my husband is outside working in the garden they do follow him around.  Too bad they don’t help.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Here’s Franco, aka Chummy (because he’s very friendly)

…and Chummy relaxing

Here’s Rocco, aka the Roc man

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Loves to sleep in twisted positions.


Rocco also loves to climb trees


I am the oldest of seven children.  When I was growing up we never had to invite other children to our birthday parties because there were so many of us.  When my mother passed away we were all so young and my paternal grandmother raised us.  She was a strong intelligent woman that I miss very much. 



I was in the retail field as a marketing manager for 26 years.  I worked with two Texas women’s chain stores.  I enjoyed my career very much and I am also now consulting for smaller companies under my other business name.  On Point Retail… still working on my website.

On Point logo final 2


In this day and age where everyone is from everywhere except the town they live I live and work in my home town San Antonio.  I grew up in SPURS town, attended and graduated from Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio and worked in a wonderful career …all in SA! 


When I was young my grandmother took my brother and me to the1968 World’s Fair.  WOW! That was so long ago but I have wonderful memories and I can say I was there.


Because I’ve worked in retail as a buyer I never pay retail and always shop for the best price so when I got married in 1994 my wedding dress cost $80.  The top was all beaded with pearls.  I wanted a dress that wasn’t too traditional and one that was appropriate for an outdoor wedding.  This is what I ended up purchasing.  It’s actually a two-piece wedding dress.

German & Gen

And now to award 6 great bloggers.  I hate this because I just can’t pick 6.  but to comply with rules here they are….  Click on the headers below to congratulate and visit these talented bloggers. 

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