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Last day of Stampin’ Up! Convention 2012

Today was the last day of convention.  Although I was tired I still did not want it to end.  So many great classes and so much fun!  It was hard to say goodbye but that’s okay because there’s next year.  Stampin’ Up!’s next convention dates are July 18 – 20, 2013.  Make plans to attend.  It’s sure to be a fantastic one.  Stampin’ Up!  will be celebrating 25 years in business.

It was also announced by the Richtar where the next destination for the Incentive Great Vacation.  Who’s the Richtar you ask will here’s a picture of him.  Richtar knows all and sees all.  For him to answer your question you have to insert a stamp.   Next Incentive Vacation is a – Western Caribbean Cruise.  It looks awesome.  I’m sure going to make it a goal to win it!

the Great Richtar, aka Rich Jutkins, President of Stampin’ Up!

pay him in stamps and he’ll tell you what you want to know – Like where is the next great vacation

The last session before it was all-over was so fun because we viewed more stamping projects demonstrated by Sara Douglass and Carrie Cudney.

The projects presented by Sara were all about creating gifts with jars.  Such cute projects.

Carrie Cudney revealed she plays the bagpipes.  She came out with her brother playing.

Her presentation focused on flowers.  She demonstrated making all kinds of flowers featured in the new Idea and Catalog book.

The two step stamp set Stippled Blossoms was used to create this image.

She also demoed how to make these giant flowers with 12″ x 12″ paper.

Another fun activity  is PRIZE PATROL!  This is where they flash the color of your entry wrist-band on the screen and if it’s your color then you get a prize.  Today Erica and Shannon won!  However, we were all winners because of the great classes and because we all received 3 additional stamp sets.  We all received the Ronald McDonald stamp set Moving Forward, the I am stamp set commemorating convention and hostess set Mixed Medley.  So cool!  There were also other stamp sets and accessories given away.  Too many to mention.  That’s all I have for now but I will be posting more pictures of convention when I get home.  Here’s the link to the official convention video.  I can’t get the song out of my head.

So start making plans to attend next year – July 18 – 20, 2013.

Day 3 of Stampin’ Up! Convention 2012…I am so Wow’d

Hello!  I am so tired but I want to post some additional pictures from last night’s award.  Here I am with Erica Cerwin (Artisan Award Winner) and Erin Gonzales.

Erin Gonzales, Erica Cerwin, me

Below is a photo of fellow Hand Stamped Sentiment design team members.

Erin Gonzales, Shannon Eberhardt, Mindy Bingamon (Artisan Award finalist), Erica Cerwin (Artisan Winner)

Silly Erin!!!!

Erin is a CRAZY SILLY!  She’s constantly dancing, cracking jokes and making us all laugh until we have tears in our eyes and our cheeks hurt.  Everyday she’s like this.  We need to keep her away from sugar and Raisinettes.

Below is a picture of us at the morning general session.  Don’t we all look chipper!  I think it’s the caffeine kicking in.  We go to bed way too late every night.

Below are some pictures of amazing projects on display.  Way too many to post but here are some highlights.

Here are Erica’s winning projects.

Mindy’s finalist projects.

More fabulous projects.

Project featured in yesterday’s session with Dawn Griffith. So cute and you can make these in any color!

These are some of today’s very cool Halloween projects demonstrated by Shannon West.  Here’s how she presented her projects.  In costume!!

Here are some of the projects she showed us.

I hope you can see them. These were taken with my iPhone so they may be fuzzy.

The candle was rolled onto a background stamp! How cool is that? Don’t you just love the leaves?!

I  have got to get some sleep.  So off to dreamland I go.

Thanks for stopping by!

Day 2 of convention

My day 2 of convention started with a wonderful speaker, Jason Dorsey.  He talked about how to better market our business to Generation Y.  So interesting and informational.  He explained how to better understand and communicate with Gen Y.

After this session Erin, Erica, Shannon and me went to Momento Mall.  So many cool displays.  I spent more than what I wanted.  I hope my hubby doesn’t see this…LOL

After Momento Mall I attended another session for how to create some great projects in a very savvy way.  I was not able to photograph them today  but I promise to tomorrow.

After our session on MDS2  ( it will be released on August 1 and will have some many cool features) we went home to get ready for Award’s Night.  Here are a few pics of the stage area.  I’ll have some pics of Mindy and Erica in their finest tomorrow.  We were so happy for them.

It’s time for me to go to bed.  I’ll have more pics tomorrow.  Until then.

Salt Lake City…here I am ready to stamp

I just got in at 9 PM mountain time to Salt Lake City, home of Stampin’ Up!  I’m here to attend the I am 2012 Convention.  I’m so excited!  Erin, Shannon and Erica picked me up at the airport and we were off to the grocery store to pick up some breakfast foods.  We then drove to the house we rented.  Erin is so savvy.  She researched and rented the house for us.  She saved us a ton of money and I so appreciate it.  She’s a great upline.

Now that we’re all settled we’re sitting in the living room with our laptops clicking away posting to our blogs.  I’m really happy to announce that Erica Cerwin of Pink Buckaroo received an Artisan Award.  We’re so proud!

I don’t have much to post about since I just got here but I’ll post more about my day on Thursday.

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