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How To Use Your New Watermark

How To Use Your New Watermark
The following instructions are for Photoshop applications since I use Photoshop CS2 as my photo editing software. Your new watermark has been saved as a PNG file which will allow you to use it with all photo editing software. If after following these instructions you are having problems using your watermark, please email me so I can help.

In your photo editing software after editing (cropping, adjusting brightness, etc) your photo, open your watermark file. The checkerboard background indicates a transparent background which may be difficult to see but once you place it on your photo you should see it.

In Photoshop, select your watermark, copy and paste in the window that contains your photo. You can also simply drag the watermark over to your photo. You now should be able to see the watermark. To re-size your watermark, make sure the watermark layer is highlighted on the layer display, click on Free Transform, located under Edit, which is located at the top of the page. To re-size your watermark place your mouse over one of the corner handles while pressing the shift key then re-size using your mouse. By pressing the shift key while re-sizing keeps the proportions of the watermark. After re-sizing your watermark press enter. The handles should disappear. Now you should be able to move the watermark to where you would like by clicking over the watermark and dragging it over the photo. Release the mouse to place the watermark.

You can now save your photo as a JPG image. Your photo is now ready to be used on your blog or gallery. If you don’t have a photo editing program that allows you to layer photos, you can download a free program called GIMP.

Click here for a tutorial using GIMP to add your watermark to your photo.

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